Thursday, November 22, 2012

Humanity.. Syarat for every human.. if you are one?

Assalamualaikum and dzien dobry (good day!)

tomorrow i'll have pulmonology oral exam but here I'm pinching and tapping my tablet.. clinic just have to wait :)

lately, there's a lot of posts about Palestine, Gaza, boycott etc.. in this case, I choose to have a stand.. my stand is to stand right next to Palestine.. I hope people make their stand as well.. you don't have to be muslim to support Palestine, you just need to be human..

I feel sorry for Palestinians, feel sorry for their mother's death. feels sorry for their houses bombed.. feel sorry for they have to see their children in pieces.. but what i felt sorry the most is that, I'm so ignorant and unhuman before this for not taking care.. for relaxing watching drama on my laptop while they are fighting with stones against bombs..

humanity.... long gone in some people's heart who choose not to care..

Humanity is a state or quality of being human.. without it we are not human.. if we have lost our humanity virtues towards Palestinians, we should really think back.. Are we human after all? 

if we continue to choose inhumanity while we are living in this human planet.. maybe Earth is not a suitable place for us.. we are aliens! we all should pack up and move to Mars or Pluto (if it's still considered a planet).. there, we all can learn about a new virtue called "alienity".. we need to feel sorry for other aliens as well.. I bet there will be some cold-hearted aliens bullying other aliens as well there.. but I can assure you if we cannot learn humanity here, then definitely it's harder for us to learn "alienity" there in that scarce oxygen atmosphere!

so, the idea of moving planet is too hard for us?? then, let's have a simpler one.. learn to have humanity values.. try to imagine being in their shoes.. wear their unshoed feet and walk through the street of Gaza looking for your mother.. she said she went out to buy some bread this morning.. why she is still not home? last month father said the same thing and never came back..this time, it's mom.. will this have an end?

during my medical posting at psychiatrics department..there is a medical case of  a boy being bullied and molested at school and being warded as depressed patient.. the bully has repeated his grade for three times now and that makes him older and bigger than other students.. why is he repeating? because he didn't like to study.. he found pleasure and pride by bullying kids at school.. that makes him feel that he is good at something but everybody knows he is the loser.. everybody in the school will do something! principal, teachers.. will do at least to expel the bully.. no, you are so scared? you are in your junior years? well, then hate the bully.. help the one being bullied! that's the least we can do.. in school we do that.. but in real world we choose to be an alien or rather corpse.. mouth silent as if we are dead.. heart closed.. crinkled as tiny as a rat in a closet..

if the same thing happens to us.. one of the happiest thing to know is that somewhere.. somehow.. someone is standing next to us and praying for us.. for our freedom.. for Palestinian freedom!


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